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09 August 2009 @ 01:59 pm
Theme #1: Mirror  
Okay guys, thanks for being patient! It's time for our first theme to begin, "Mirror". As for now, the themes in this community will remain open, meaning they will not have an end-date past which you cannot apply for them. If the community suddenly becomes flooded with theme apps, I may change this. But for now, the themes will all be open.

Check the cut below for the (very short!) application. There is not a full questionnaire, since this theme is all about who you most resemble physically. However, voters can and should take expressions as well as physical attributes into account.

As for voting options, they're the same as for the regular stamping - any character appearing in the miniseries is fair game. Stamps will be made as they are needed.

And finally, remember that you must be a stamped member to participate in the themes.


Have fun and remember to keep on voting even if you are not interested in doing the theme!

- bandita
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