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30 August 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Okay guys,

How is it that we have eight members (and nine watchers) in this community but not one vote on this application? I understand that life happens and you may get busy with things. But please take a few moments to vote for dearkiki, who has been patiently waiting for three weeks now.

This community can't and won't work if no one votes.

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09 August 2009 @ 01:59 pm
Okay guys, thanks for being patient! It's time for our first theme to begin, "Mirror". As for now, the themes in this community will remain open, meaning they will not have an end-date past which you cannot apply for them. If the community suddenly becomes flooded with theme apps, I may change this. But for now, the themes will all be open.

Check the cut below for the (very short!) application. There is not a full questionnaire, since this theme is all about who you most resemble physically. However, voters can and should take expressions as well as physical attributes into account.

As for voting options, they're the same as for the regular stamping - any character appearing in the miniseries is fair game. Stamps will be made as they are needed.

And finally, remember that you must be a stamped member to participate in the themes.

ApplicationCollapse )

Have fun and remember to keep on voting even if you are not interested in doing the theme!

- bandita
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31 July 2009 @ 06:26 pm
First, please VOTE on Meredith, guys! Her application's been up since June, so please toss her a few more votes.

Also, I apologize for the delay in the first theme poll, but you can check it out now below the cut. If there is a theme you'd like to see but isn't one of the choices, just leave a comment on this entry to suggest it.

Thanks, everyone!

First Theme PollCollapse )
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18 June 2009 @ 02:25 am
Hey guys,

I've made a promotional banner for, well, community promotional use. If you would like to help out the community by doing some member-recruiting on other comms, you are free to use this graphic. The image itself is hosted on a free server, so don't worry about uploading it to another space first. Just copy and paste the code beneath it into an entry.

As far as what to say in your promo posts, I'm leaving it up to you. Just be nice, is all. Don't threaten anyone with visits from Caligula or something equally as distressing. If you do go out and promote, thank you very much for your time and energy! I truly appreciate it! ♥

Here's the banner:

And, here's its code:

Also, PLEASE throw some votes this way. The lovely dearkiki only has two votes, so please take a minute to give her a few more.

Thanks so much, guys!

- bandita, Mod
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